Meet the Team

RemoteTA's leadership team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about shaping their communities with technology.

Executive Leadership

Arnuv Tandon

Founder and PresidentHello! My name is Arnuv Tandon and I am a junior at Homestead High School. I am passionate about driving change in the local community and using my programming knowledge to do so. Starting RemoteTA from scratch and see it slowly develop into a viable, impactful platform has been one of the more rewarding experiences thus far in my life. If you have any questions regarding RemoteTA, please feel free to contact me!

Arnav Kulkarni

Chief Technology OfficerHi! My name is Arnav Kulkarni and I am a junior at Homestead High School. I am an avid programmer/developer, and love using code to shape the world around me. I cannot wait to see the large and widepsread impact RemoteTA could potentially bring to countless teachers and students nationwide.

Jai Bhatia

Vice President of OutreachHello! My name is Jai Bhatia and I am in the class of 2023 at Fremont High School. I tend to take up positions in leadership and charity/activism. For me, joining RemoteTA blended my passion for leadership and charity into an exciting mixture that can hopefully impact the world!

Pranav Kulkarni

Vice President of Public RelationsHi! My name is Pranav and I am a junior at Homestead High School. I love participating in student-run organizations like RemoteTA and enjoy sharing fun work experiences with my peers. RemoteTA has been a great place to make real change in my local communities and meet new people.

Tanvi Wadhawan

Senior EngineerHi! My name is Tanvi and I attend Fremont High School. I love coding and giving back to my community through volunteer work. RemoteTA is an amazing way for me to combine my love for both.

Anika Khandavalli

Senior EngineerHey! My name is Anika, and I go to Fremont High School. I am passionate about helping our community in any way, from volunteering to protesting, and I love programming. Joining RemoteTA bridged my two interests and become a part of something that can impact so many people.

Isha Singh

Head of CommunicationsHi, my name is Isha Singh and I'm a Sophomore at Fremont High School. I'm involved in a lot of student leadership, and I'm passionate about giving back to my community. As a student, I care a lot about helping teachers and educators as a return for all the incredibly hard work they put in. Working on RemoteTA has been an amazing way for me to use my skills and experience and collaborate with my fellow students in order to make a positive impact.

Mano Tatapudi

Head of Regional AffairsHi! My name is Mano Tatapudi. I am a sophomore at Fremont High School and the Regional Managers Head here at RemoteTA. I am passionate about giving back to my community and leadership so RemoteTA is the perfect opportunity to combine both and give back to teachers!

Regional Managers

Mariam Mortada

Regional ManagerHey! I am Mariam Mortada, a Regional Manager at Remote TA and a senior at Fremont High School who is devoted to supporting teachers during this pandemic. I have previous outreach experience with another nonprofit organization and have had leadership roles at my school. These have equipped me with the necessary skills to form partnerships with schools and provide volunteering opportunities for other passionate students!

Emily Sansano

Regional ManagerHi my name is Emily Sansano, I am a Sophomore at Fremont High School. I am always looking for ways to create an impact in my community. I am looking forward to being able to help others as a regional manager of RemoteTA!

Anushka Wagle

Regional ManagerHi, my name is Anushka and I am a senior at Fremont High School. Some things I am interested in include water polo, robotics, and biochemistry.

Abhinav Guntaka

Regional ManagerMy name is Abhinav Guntaka and I am a sophomore at Fremont High School. I joined RemoteTA as a volunteer originally and found this whole process very interesting. I wanted to get the news out to more people, which is why I became a regional manager.

Steven Dohm

Regional ManagerSteven Dohm is a Student Technology Leader at Mentor High School in Mentor, OH. With being a technology leader, he assists students and faculty daily with issues from technology to digitizing worksheets. He is very highly recommended by his peers and other staff members in the building. He is both a very engaged student, and has over 400 community service hours in assisting non-profits.